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Handlebar-The really powerful template

Team leader said i am a fast learner which make me confident on the next several tasks.

The speed of getting used to a new tasks is faster than before 2 or 3 times.

My suggestion is, if any of programming beginner want to be a software developer or web developer, you have to love it. If you treat it as a tool to make you become rich or make income that support your life, you should not do this.

As long as you love it, you do not get tired of getting new tasks. Everyday for you is challenge because of new tasks.

The way of thinking about different tasks keeps me sharp all the time. Ready to get more tasks!!!!


Learning Handlebar adds a new toolkit to my software development stack.

How to Learn English

Here are some tips to improve English,

  • Make friends who speak good English, it is not easy, the best way to do that is to start to participate in the communities by joining church, do some volunteer works, get a part time job working in a team environment.
  • Or find language exchange buddy, you can teach them your own language and they can teach you English.
  • Ask people who speak better English to check if you have pronounced certain words correctly.
  • On the project team at MVP studio, try to talk a bit more and it is all about practise.
  • Watching movie with subtitle is also a good way to learn.
  • Learn some casual ways to express a teaming. e.g. Figure out vs Suss out.
  • Go to English meetups
  • Go to Toastmaster

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